Choosing the Best Vacation in Hawaii

Choosing to vacation in Hawaii is an exciting time, but it can also seem a little overwhelming. With so many islands and such a plentitude of activities, lodging, and variation in offerings, planning the trip can feel like a second job if you don’t know what you want. Knowing what you want out of your vacation will help you plan the vacation of your dreams.

Before you Begin

Before you start researching the different islands of Hawaii and what they have to offer to vacationers, sit down with everyone who is going on the vacation. Start with some basic questions such as “What are the four things you really want to do in Hawaii?”, “What amenities should our lodging have?”, and “Do you want a slower-paced, relaxing vacation in Hawaii, or would you prefer an action-packed, adventurous vacation?” Knowing the answers to these questions will help you research with a goal in mind. You will be able to better decide which islands, accommodations, and activities will suit your vacation’s needs the best.

Researching your Vacation in Hawaii

Researching your vacation in Hawaii can be lots of fun when you have clear goals in mind. With the availability of the Internet, the answer to almost any question you may have is literally right at your fingertips. Using a search engine is the best way to get lots of information with the least amount of time involved. Remember, though, to look at the site’s owner and take it into consideration as you navigate the page. Try to stick with official island websites. This way, you reduce the risk of getting bad information.

Other Types of Research for your Vacation in Hawaii

The Internet isn’t the only good way to research your trip. Talking with people who have been to Hawaii, speaking with representatives at the hotels in Hawaii, and consulting travel guides are also ways to get good information about your vacation. You can also contact a travel agent who specializes in booking trips to Hawaii for guidance and advice in choosing things like accommodations, restaurants, well-known tourism companies, and airlines.

Lots of times, hotels and resorts in Hawaii will offer package deals, which will include anything from meals to rental cars and excursions. If you know what you want to experience in Hawaii, you can sometimes find a great deal on a good portion of your vacation’s agenda through those hotel packages.

Most of all, going into the research with a clear idea of what you want for your vacation in Hawaii is a way for you to enjoy the research process. It may even get you in the Hawaii state of mind before your vacation even begins!

Things to Consider Before Your Vacation in Hawaii

If you’ve been searching for the perfect vacation, and you’ve decided on a vacation in Hawaii, prepare to have a wonderful time. Hawaii is one of the top vacation destinations in the world for a very good reason. Beautiful surroundings, lavish resorts, gorgeous beaches, and exciting adventures come together to make a perfect vacation spot. Before you leave for your vacation in Hawaii, though, there are a few things that you need to think about and consider.

Weather During Your Vacation in Hawaii

Although known for its balmy sunshine, Hawaii’s weather can be tricky at times, especially during the rainy season. In particular, the spring and winter are especially rainy seasons. Make sure you do research on the island you choose for your vacation in Hawaii to see what the average rainfall is. For instance, Kauai’s Mt. Waialeale averages 472 inches of rain per year. That’s 39 feet of rain! If your vacation is planned without considering the weather, your plans may just get washed out.

Local Customs on your Vacation in Hawaii

Although Hawaii is one of the United States, its customs vary to a certain degree from mainland customs. Knowing some of these customs before you go on your vacation in Hawaii might save you some embarrassment. For example, If you’re invited to someone’s home in Hawaii or to a party while in Hawaii, custom dictates that you bring something with you, typically a dessert. It is considered very rude to show up empty-handed. You will notice that everyone takes off their shoes when entering a house. That’s another typical custom. When visiting natural habitats, don’t take home “souvenirs” you find. Picking up shells, flowers, or anything else you find beautiful is considered rude. If you’re set on having “natural-looking” souvenirs, you will find plenty of shops ready to sell anything you might desire to have. Also, and interestingly, be careful when giving eye contact. Direct eye contact for more than a few seconds is considered to be very rude. This is due to the very humble nature of the native islanders.

Dressing for your Vacation in Hawaii

As you can well imagine, Hawaii’s dress code is a little more relaxed than in most vacation destinations. If you’re planning on dressing to the nines to go to a luau, you may find yourself alone and, most likely, very hot. Most people will be dressed in comfortable shirts and shorts for guys, and simple floral dresses for women. In the tradition of comfort over style, dress codes are very lax, promoting further relaxation.

Tips for the Best Vacation in Hawaii

Choosing a vacation in Hawaii is a dream come true. To make sure that you get the most out of your vacation, here are a few tips to help you along the way.

Packing for Your Vacation in Hawaii

There’s nothing worse than getting to your vacation destination and realizing that you don’t have what you need or that what you brought just won’t work. Packing with Hawaii in mind will help you to enjoy your vacation. When packing, remember these things:

Avoiding Jetlag

Jetlag is one of those necessary evils to traveling. If you can offset the effects of jetlag, the first day or so of your vacation need not be spent being exhausted or sick. Try these tips:

Saving Money while on Vacation

It’s always good to save money, no matter what your budget is for the trip. There are several ways for you to save money without missing out on any of the things you want to do. Try these money-saving tips:

General Tips for your Vacation in Hawaii

These tips are general tips for having a good time:

Ten Best Things to do on your Vacation in Hawaii

Unless you’re planning on moving to Hawaii, which almost everyone wishes they could do but most likely can’t, you’ll need to choose your activities so that you have a good representation of the Hawaiian experience during your vacation in Hawaii. Although there are literally hundreds of different places to visit and things to do, if you choose different experiences that exhibit different aspects of Hawaii, you can reasonably say that you came, you saw, and you conquered Hawaii.

Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Located on the Big Island, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park offers visitors a chance to see Hawaii at its best. Live volcanoes, lava tubes, and scalded deserts create a spectacular backdrop for hiking and camping.

USS Arizona Memorial

Located right off Oahu, the USS Arizona Memorial is situated right over the hull of the sunken USS Arizona. Open for visitors since 1962, the Memorial offers a guided tour which includes a 23-minute video. Honoring those who died during the Attack on Pearl Harbor, the memorial gives visitors a chance to honor the military whose lives were lost during that tragic event.

Helicopter Tour of Kauai

Taking a helicopter tour offers you an unparalleled view of the island. Enjoy a guided tour of the island’s breathtaking scenery from a height that will give you an appreciation of the natural beauty of Hawaii. This will definitely be one of the highlights of your vacation in Hawaii.

Relax on Hawaii’s World-Famous Beaches

One of the most enjoyable Hawaiian activities is also one of its simplest. Make you way to any one of the magnificent beaches on any of the islands of Hawaii, and you’ll instantly know why so many people choose to vacation in Hawaii year after year.

Whale Watching

From mid-November to April, humpback whales visit the Hawaiian islands to stay warm in Hawaii’s crystal-clear waters. Whether you watch the whales grace the surface of the Pacific by boat with one of the many whale-watching expeditions or watch from the shoreline, the whale watching experience is one you will likely never forget.

Snorkel off the Island of Molokini

Molokini offers Hawaii’s clearest waters with a vast array of marine life. Snorkeling here will probably top your list of favorite things to do on vacation in Hawaii.

Attend an Authentic Luau during your Vacation in Hawaii

Part of the experience of Hawaii is attending a luau. Dress casually for this evening of good food, excellent entertainment, and incredible atmosphere.

Puuhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park

Visiting this National Park is taking a step back in time. Visit the old sacred refuge where the rituals of absolution took place. See wooden statues of gods and visit the Great Wall, and see the sacred temples where the ancient chiefs were buried.

Diamond Head

Located on Oahu, Diamond Head, known by natives as Lē’ahi, is one of the most visited places in Oahu. Although the actual top of Diamond Head is off-limits to the public, hikers can enjoy a scenic hike to the crater’s rim. This volcano, and the scenic view to be seen from the crater’s rim, is one not to miss.

Black Sand Beaches

Almost every island has a black sand beach to visit, and this is definitely something you shouldn’t miss. Make by the volcanoes, black sand beaches are beautifully breathtaking.