Today we have a very special treat full of eye candy thanks to the talented work of San Diego based photographer Jill Thomas. When I first came across Jill’s work it was one of those moment when you kind of fall in love… She paints a photographic picture that captures the feeling of sunshine and love with her soft romantic touch. Once I realized she lived just a hop, skip and a jump away from me I knew we just had to work together.  Look forward to seeing some beautiful collaborations from the both of us soon!

1.  What inspires me?

I am inspired mostly by 70s photography.  I love the timelessness and style of that era.  One summer I was up at my parents house visiting and my dad came in with boxes of photographs that he wanted us to help him organize.   I was just overwhelmed with the beautiful photographs they had of themselves and their families.  They were classic, stylish, and so timeless.  I loved them.  It amazed me because I look exactly like my mom and we look exactly like her mom, however my mom and grandmother had such beautiful images of themselves, that I only dreamed I would have of me.  what was the difference.  I investigated.  My answer … FILM!!

2. Has my photographic styled evolved since I first got into the biz?

Yes!  I started my business digitally and crazy about the latest photography trends and photoshop actions.  After I discovered film and film cameras for myself, I looked at my business in an entirely different way.  I wanted to shoot weddings, I knew that. I loved working with couples and love the excitement and fun of a wedding day. I loved having to think of things on a whim if a schedule change, I loved how it challenged my creativity.  So when I made the decision to gear my business more towards weddings, i changed photographic elements were important to me.  I was drawn to the raw elements of photography.  I want to provide images for my couples that they would love now, in 5 years, in 20 years and forever.  I wanted my brides to have those beautiful photographs of themselves, that they admired their grandmother having.  so i decided to shoot 100% film. Using old cameras, combined with new technology, allows me to provide my couples with those classic, beautiful, and artistic photographs.  through different films and different cameras  I am able to capture weddings with my own artistic style.

3. Does fashion, nature, trends, etc.. effect the style in which you shoot?

I am definitely inspired by fashion photography.  Even though i want my images to be beautiful and timeless, it is very important to me to have an element of style shine through. I do not look to other weddings photographer for this information.  If other wedding photographers are doing something - then it has already been done and i am at a back end of a trend.  However, if I use high fashion as inspiration and apply it to weddings, it keeps me the front end of fun trends.  My favorite magazine is W magazine.  LOVE IT!

4. Who/what/where has been your favorite shoot and why?

My favorite shoots and weddings are ones i have done for other artists.  I love working with artists because they appreciate artistic elements and truly appreciate my use of film.  I love when couples say things like “we love holgas” or “we love light leaks” or “we love instant photographs” or “we just want you to do what you do best”.  When someone hires me, they hire how I see their wedding and their story. I love when couples trust me to capture that, how I truly see it, in my own artistic way.

My favorite wedding was a wedding I did this summer at the smog shoppe.  The couple was a cute couple and the wedding was full of fun details.  but my favorite part was they fully trusted me.  I think because I took their trust seriously and was able to fully use my artistic vision, it was the best wedding I shot thus far.

5. What keeps me inspired?

I am constantly trying to stay inspired. Trying out different old cameras and different film types is probably the best way i can stay inspired.  Always learning something new and finding new photography elements I didn’t know about before, get me inspired and excited for whatever shoot I am doing next.

Photography by Jill Thomas


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  1. Jill Thomas on October 20th, 2010 3:23 pm

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  2. Jill Thomas on October 20th, 2010 3:24 pm

    thank you vanessa. you turned this post into something beautiful. i just adore your blog and well, just everything you do! thank you again for thinking of me.

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