Registration to Celebration: Michael C. Fina

When it comes to registering for your wedding a lot of factors come into consideration. Style, quantities, practicality, will it be everyday use or special occasion? Growing up with an Italian Grandmother who kept the ‘special’ living room furniture covered in plastic and the ‘special’ china in the cupboard for only the most special of occasions, I always had this sense of distance from the ‘special’ things she kept. Years later when I look back I wish nothing more than for her to have realized that every day is special. We could have made every moment together a special occasion with the right attitude and appreciation for celebrating.

Of course, not everyone can expect to receive an entire collection of luxury china such as the collections offered by Michael C. Fina, but when registering for what you want to celebrate your new life why not select at least a few special pieces that will contribute to the moments in your life to come that you could make more special. To me, having dinner with friends, gathering the family together or even a simple birthday or anniversary dinner could, and should, become a special event and with the help of such beautiful pieces as these below.

This top set of pieces would be be own special collection request if I were to register!

Michael C. Fina offers online registration for all of his fine collections including china, glassware, home accessories and even fine jewelery!

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  1. October 8, 2010 at 9:13 am

    Wow aren’t those beautiful! If only we could use those everyday.

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