There is something about weddings in Europe set against old world styles that have a level of charm and class that just doesn’t seem to be reproduced here in the states that often. That is exactly why I adore oohing and ahhing over the beautifully charming weddings shot by one if my favorite European photographers Marianne Taylor. This blue, red and white wedding shot in the UK shows classic British charm, romantic and whimsical fashions and most importantly, a sense of humor, with its strong bold colors and Volkswagen buses.

Having a beautiful and elegant space to get ready in sets the perfect tone for your pre-ceremony wedding photos not to mention keep you and your bridesmaids relaxed and ready to enjoy the big day. How amazing are their 50′s inspired bridesmaid dresses?

I absolutely love these shots with the foggy coastline! The romantic feel of her lace wedding dress combined with her crystal tiara and her long dramatic veil are perfection.

Speaking of blue and white weddings with a sense of humor, I love nothing more than combining a witty style with a glamorous edge. This is definitely the case for this Finnish illustrated ceramicware by Iittala that would go perfectly with look of the wedding above. What makes these so unique is the artists magical and mystical creatures he illustrates by creating hybrids of his favorite animals. The collection, Taika, means magic in Finnish and we agree that with these mystical creatures and detailed illustrations a magical world was created in his art and would be more than welcome on my own table or for a clients luxurious intimate wedding.

Iittala Taika Handpainted China Collection

With such beautiful colors as blues, reds and white for your wedding day the options endless. From  patriotic  to a look that is anything but, infusing your wedding with bold colors and witty clever style is a definitely a must!

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2 Responses to “Inspiration to Celebration: A Blue, Red & White Wedding and Scandinavian Ceramicware”

  1. lydia {ever ours} on November 30th, 2010 12:03 pm

    such unique china!

    p.s. love the detail on the back of her dress!

  2. Alyx on April 4th, 2011 2:54 am

    Hmmm !!! The bride’s bouquet is superb :)

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