Art History for Brides: Glamorous Gothic Wedding Inspiration

I can clearly remember shuffling into an early morning art history class my first year of college at Otis. I had always loved history so I knew that I would be in for a treat if I could only keep my eyes open for the two hour class conducted in the dark that early in the morning. The moment the slides began to flash up on to the screen I was hooked. My favorite of course, Gothic. The power, the detail, the drama, I loved every bit of it.  From the breathtaking flying buttresses of Notre Dame to the kaleidoscope of colors in the various Rose Windows, every element was so impactful to me because of the time and detail put into each element.

For our Gothic installment of our Art History for Brides series featured on Style Unveiled I wanted to incorporate the elements that I adored so much and bring them into a softer and more romantic feeling that would translate beautifully as Gothic wedding inspiration. Let me start by showing you some of my favorite examples of Gothic art and architecture. From flying buttresses, vaulted arches, quatrefoils, stained glass and even fonts, I have been inspired by these historical and beautiful examples of art. I hope you will be too!

These beautiful ornate scroll designs in the windows would be gorgeous elements to incorporate onto a Gothic wedding invitation design!


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