Florence Italy Destination Wedding Dream Location

And we’re back! After a much needed trip abroad to one of my favorite cities in the world, Florence Italy. I recently visited this beautiful Tuscan gem for the Mike Larson Photography Workshop that I fortunate enough to have designed and styled. The workshop was held in the Tuscan countryside but I made my way through this renaissance jewel to shop and treasure hunt for wonderful finds that the students could shoot. From fabrics (Valentino!) to cheese to hand painted trays, I gathered beautiful Italian goods and got to revisit the city that I used to call home.

A little about me…. After working in luxury packaging design and art direction for many years I had grown the urge to travel and explore. Unlike many of my friends, never had the chance to travel through Europe on my parents dollar during my college years and always felt envious of their fond memories abroad. That is when I decided to go back to school, yet again, to get a masters in graphic design in the city that people could not speak highly enough. When I arrived I knew no one, the language or where to start first. But a year and a half later I grew life-long friends, reinvigorated my love for the arts that I studied my whole life and obtained a level of consciousness of the style and sophistication that I wanted intertwined in my life. My love for art, design, fashion, food, music and refinement all came together seamlessly in this ancient city. During my time in Florence I also worked as a luxury travel concierge coordinating castle and villa rentals, wine tours, truffle hunts, olive oil tastings and even my start of Florence Italy destination weddings. This was my first trip back after a few years but it all came back to me like I had never left. The restaurants, the streets, the smells and the language (thankfully!) all came back like a warm embrace.

With the elegance of the city, the rustic beauty of the countryside and everything in between, I am more than excited to try to bring some of my brides over to this city that I adore to plan their own dream destination weddings.  I have so many great inspirations and works to share with you soon from my trip abroad but let me start by showing you a few of my favorite moments from my trip back home, I mean, Florence. Please excuse my amateur photography!

With so many great aspects to offer, Florence Italy serves as a wonderful destination wedding location! I would highly recommend a Florence Italy destination wedding to all brides looking for an intimate and memorable location. Once that I would gladly plan and design for you.

Photography by Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations

Bermuda Honeymoon Fashion for your Tropical Vacation

With the weather warming up and a vacation on the horizon it’s time to pull out the pastels and get your vacation or honeymoon style together. I was so excited when I heard that Calypso was doing a line for Target, and admittedly, I cleaned up a bit recently while on a ‘toothpaste’ run. These brightly colored fun and festive pieces make for the perfect pack-aways for any warm tropical vacation. With Bermuda on my vacation calendar only weeks away I wanted to share with you some of my top picks for  a stylish honeymoon wardrobe and some of my photos of my last years trip to the sun drenched island.

Bracelets by Rachel Leigh, Sandals by Cole Haan (in my closet!), Purple silk top by Calypso for Target (in my closet!), bottom row Resort 2011 Chanel

With so many gorgeous old churches, sun-drenched resorts and crystal clear aqua blue water, Bermuda would make for an amazing destination wedding location as well as honeymoon spot.

This beautiful and warm British Island is only a hop I can hear the steel drums and swizzles calling me already…

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