As the invitation sponsor of The US Grant’s Bridal show this Sunday they asked me to create a table design that represented my interpretation of ‘royal’. So of course I wanted to play off of the invitation styles and colors that I already created for them. Opulence but with a modern twist as I call it. With the real royal wedding right around the corner there is so much buzz about how ‘royal’ will be interpreted in our modern day and this was my take on it. Isari Flower Studio and I collaborated with Bloomingdales, Sweetcheeks and Concepts Event Design to create a rich cornflower blue and purple king and queen style table which I will also be featuring in person this Sunday.

When they told me I was going to be speaking about my design on the news I was shaking with nerves but was also so excited for my first live TV appearance! Kimbery accidentally called the cupcakes Sprinkles when in fact they were by Sweetcheeks Baking Company who also made the amazing trio of cakes. They also accidentally listed Michelle from M Bride under me as I spoke, as fabulous as she is, I am not her. Another little thing I learned from being on the news, I think I have a slight lisp! Why didn’t anyone tell me this before?!

Lighting design is stepping out from the shadows and transforming from the accessory to the main attraction

There is no denying that beautiful lighting at an event is like icing on a cake. Lighting breathes life into an environment and can transform a mood like no other. From a calming blue to a warm amber to an invigorating pink, soft auras of lighting are like the mood rings of the night.

I was recently left speechless when I stumbled upon a lighting installation designed by Bruce Monro at the Salisbury Cathedral in the UK. Inventive, creative and resourceful, Bruce created towers of 16,000 water bottles laced with fiber optic cables that change colors as they react to the classical music being played. Stacks of ordinary water bottles up close, stained glass windows from afar. Lighting of these Gothic vaulted arches and cloisters of this 750 year old cathedral has breathed new life into this ancient relic.

Bruce’s work is such an intriguing inspiration to me… To make the light the actual art instead just an ambient compliment.

Photos courtesy of the Huffington Post

I’m so excited to have been chosen as the invitation designer for this year’s luxury bridal showcase at The US Grant Hotel in San Diego. The US Grant is such a gorgeous historical hotel that exudes elegance and I can’t wait to design a wedding under their 100 year old roof! With the best and brightest in the wedding industry showcasing their interpretation of ‘royal’ this is definitely a must-attend for all brides-to-be in Southern California.

This year the theme was ‘A Royal Affair’ as a nod to the royal wedding of Prince Williams. With that as inspiration to draw off of I created a a cornflower blue and royal purple invitation featuring an abstract peacock pattern and a Moroccan shaped frame around a vintage crown. For an updated look we created a modern trellis pattern in the same palette for a fun surprise on the back of the invitation card. We then letterpressed this design onto a double thick 100% cotton paper for a super luxurious and tactile feel.

A Royal Affair Ticket Giveaway!!!

As the invitation sponsor of A Royal Affair I’m excited to say that I received 5 complimentary tickets to give away to 5 lucky readers of my choice.

To enter this giveaway please leave a comment below stating what makes you feel ‘Royal’. Whether it be the crowned jewels,  luxurious fabrics or the way you feel after some TLC from your special someone, whatever it may be that makes you feel like a queen!

Punch up the colors on your Pink, Gold and Blue Wedding

Today I couldn’t resist but to post yet another Kelly Wearstler inspired color fabric board. Playing off of the same warm guava colored linen as yesterdays board, we’re showing you how trans-formative a solid color palette can be when combined with splashy prints and punchy colors. This would be gorgeous for a pink, gold and blue wedding in Palm Springs, or even a  bridal shower or any festive event for that matter! And if you’ve been living under a design rock and haven’t heard of the best news of the year so far…. Kelly has a new blog!!! My Vibe My Life. From showcasing her unique finds, the factories she creates in and her ‘vibe trays’ which I love so much.

Update your Peach and Pink Wedding with these daring textile combinations

There is something about Kelly Wearstler’s style that I can’t help but to have a massive crush on. Her sense of mixing patterns and colors in ways that work so wonderfully is just amazing and is definitely something that I admire as a designer. I love to combine stripes with plaids, ikat with polka dots and ombre chevron stripes with florals. It can be a clashing and jumbled mess if you’re not careful and definitely takes a keen color eye to pull it off, but when you work within a harmonious color palette you have a much bigger safely net to play with.

I’m currently working on a few different weddings that I am SO excited about! We’re playing with patterns and colors that would definitely make any shy bride run for her pastel pink comfort zone. But if you don’t take daring design chances you’ll never know how amazing the results can be! Here is a combination of hand woven raffia, silk painted chevron, soft wools and metallic striped sheers that when combined together create such an interesting juxtaposition of colors and textures you can’t help but smile. Throw in mixed metals, terracotta and natural materials such as woods and raw fibers for a chic sensory filled environment for your next celebration. Or at least turn up the volume on your peach and pink wedding.

Interior room by Kelly Wearstler Interiors

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