Sweet and Chic Mint, Blush, Lucite and Gold Event Inspiration

There is something so romantic and chic about a soft blush and pale mint mixed with bold gold color palette. It reminds me Paris, the Rococo era, with fluffy little dogs, macarons and powdered white wigs. Maybe I love this color combination so much because it’s almost the same colors of my logo and branding, or because I used it for our Posh Pastel Pop Art Table, or because it can be so effortlessly feminine without being overboard girly. They are soothing and calming colors that bring smiles to our faces and little girls in petticoats to our minds, but it’s the infusion of the non-apologetic bold gold and modern lucite pieces are what takes it from sweet to sophisticated in no time flat. Pair these darling duo of shades with some major bling in the form of a massive gold chandelier, a gold bar dripping with crystals or a barely there lucite table and chairs.

See more of the mint green wedding invitation shown above seen here! Our Gatsby Glamour Wedding Invitation.



Magical Emerald Green Event Design Inspiration

There is something about rich emerald green that makes me feel refined, regal and very mature. Not only does it calm your senses, give you a sense of tranquility and combats stress, this color is known for good luck and health. It also reminds me of the movie ‘Return to Oz’ when Dorothy had to select every green object to save her furry friends from the horrible Wheelers. From Jade to Emerald to Kelly, each gorgeous vase, lamp or treasure was a reincarnation of her sidekicks.  Ever since that movie whenever I see an object in a beautiful shade of green I want to secretly touch it and feel its magic of who/what it may be.

Why not take this complex magical hue and mix it with bold contrasts of black and white with pops of metal tones such as gold or copper for your next swanky dinner soiree or private event. Mix in contrasting fabrics, tightly arranged white blooms, a few modern ceramic or brass vases and bold furniture statements and voila, a chic and modern Emerald Green event not soon to be forgotten.

Tamera Mowry & Adam Housely Get Married Magazine Shoot Details

And we’re back with more fun detail shots of the darling couple just a few weeks before their ‘I do’s’ at our Get Married Magazine Shoot at The Chamberlain in West Hollywood. With a combination of mid-century modern decor, glamorous fabrics and finishes, and bright and bold Noritake china and tableware, we created an eclectic surrounding to showcase what this darling couple would look like as Hollywood newlyweds entertaining in their new home. It was so sweet just how in love they were and interact in their ‘newlywed home’ setting.

The modern silver chandelier and chic periwinkle and gold chairs made for a bold combination when mixed with this patterned graphic rug and white mid-century style table by Form Decor.

For this modern table design we started with a mirrored cube as a center riser to place a modern inky black vase filled with lush open soft yellow peonies and yellow tulips, courtesy of Isari Flower Studio. We brought in different shades of yellow including dark and light amber and a gorgeous hand-blown glass vase by artist Jess Wainer.

We selected bold yellow and black geometric shapes of Nortiake china and for glassware we brought in crystal blues and inky black glassware for bold contrasts.

Hand-painted Thai silk fabric I found in New York was used for napkins and wrapped with bold gold chains for a modern napkin treatment with a wired on place card for each guest.

Event Design & Styling by Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations

Menus & place cards by Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations

Flowers by Isari Flower Studio

Table and Rug rentals by Form Decor

Venue The Chamberlain West Hollywood

Table settings by Noritake

Photography by Alexa Miller of Bright Bird Photography

With chic modern vases as these flowers become an afterthought

Far too often than not, the flowers for an event or for your home become the star while the vase or vessel they’re displayed in takes a back seat to the peonies their displaying. To me that’s like putting on a gorgeous gown with a pair of ho-hum shoes and accessories. Yes, the gown speaks for itself but loses it appeal as the eyes wander down to the little numbers their planted in. Vases can, and should be, appreciated as the pieces of art and examples of extraordinary design that they are. Albeit not every event will be able to afford such statement pieces for their entire tablescape designs, but why not make a statement in an entry piece or other special location sure to get noticed. From ceramic to wood to wire to hand painted masterpieces, these chic beauty’s definitely stand on their own, even sans fleur!

Dare to go BOLD with your Colorful Wedding!

It’s no secret I am a huge fan of big bold colors and unbashful design directions. So many brides opt for a softer pastel palette when their favorite colors are of the brighter hue. With the right amount of balance of neutrals to even things out, playing with colors for your big day can make a huge, yet still tasteful, splash! Gone are the days when a bride would pick her ‘color’. Albeit it was 80′s… But really. There is a plethora of gorgeous shades out in this beautiful world, and yet brides would paint the walls, tables, flowers, and even her brides maids, the same shade of sage or pepto bismo pink!

Here are a few of my colorful wedding inspirations via Kelly Wearstler and the amazing collection from Form Decor that I recently used for a photoshoot.

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