Update your Peach and Pink Wedding with these daring textile combinations

There is something about Kelly Wearstler’s style that I can’t help but to have a massive crush on. Her sense of mixing patterns and colors in ways that work so wonderfully is just amazing and is definitely something that I admire as a designer. I love to combine stripes with plaids, ikat with polka dots and ombre chevron stripes with florals. It can be a clashing and jumbled mess if you’re not careful and definitely takes a keen color eye to pull it off, but when you work within a harmonious color palette you have a much bigger safely net to play with.

I’m currently working on a few different weddings that I am SO excited about! We’re playing with patterns and colors that would definitely make any shy bride run for her pastel pink comfort zone. But if you don’t take daring design chances you’ll never know how amazing the results can be! Here is a combination of hand woven raffia, silk painted chevron, soft wools and metallic striped sheers that when combined together create such an interesting juxtaposition of colors and textures you can’t help but smile. Throw in mixed metals, terracotta and natural materials such as woods and raw fibers for a chic sensory filled environment for your next celebration. Or at least turn up the volume on your peach and pink wedding.

Interior room by Kelly Wearstler Interiors

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