Inspiration to Libation: Hot Chocolate Liquor Cocoa Bar

The weather is getting colder and the reasons to celebrate are growing. Memories of hot chocolate after a long day of playing in the snow always warm my heart and put a smile on my face. Why not inspire some more warm fuzzy feelings for your guests with a Cocoa Bar at your next get together? Perfect for a nighttime nip or even a cold Sunday brunch treat in lieu of a bloody mary or mimosa bar. Turn this childhood classic into a rich and luxurious grown up treat with gourmet imported Swiss cocoa, roasted rich coffee, handmade chocolate coated marshmallows, gorgeous serving ware and decadent liquors in crystal cut decanters. Chip shot anyone?

Charbonnel et Walker Drinking Chocolate, Brass Knuckle Mugs, Colored Acrylic Demitasse Spoons, Cherry & Vanilla Chocolate Coated Marshmallows, Crystal Liquor Decanters

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Inspiration to Home Accessorization: Wood = Rustic + Modern

As the leaves are changing color this year, my eyes are widened to the incredible California trees. They’re everywhere. I’d almost say that I hardly notice they’re there when I’m out jogging, but every now and then I’ll look up and feel so thankful for this incredible gift we have — these powerful, far-reaching forms that provide us with so much life. While their elegant bodies are lovely to picnic under, they are slowly being integrated into the world of art, fashion, and large-scale decor. Wood provides such a unique canvas for everyday things you wouldn’t normally expect.

With so many ingenious designers today combining my love of modern and glam along with rustic and modern is a can-do and must-do for home decor.

Timber candle, Wood Clock, Midas Tree Lamp, Wood Bed Frame, DIY Rustic Wood End Table, Branch Shelf

The natural beauty of wood isn’t lost hiding under years of paint and stain. It’s new weathered look it what gives it uniqueness and a whole new appreciation for reclaimed wood such as these boatwood teak pieces and stools made up of salvaged woods. Waste not want not is the new motto for home design.

Reclaimed Boatwood Cabinet, Reclaimed Wood Stools, Wood Desk Lamps, Twig Chandelier

The warmth of natural wood needn’t be held out for household treasures, bring the woodsy outdoors into your everyday including the office and your fashion.

All Wooden Office Accessories, Wood Glasses, Wood Bracelets

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Imagination to Epicreation: Give a little Thanks

Thanksgiving is almost here and with it comes the food extravaganza of overindulgence and the dreaded feeling of being so full you could pop! Delicious food, yummy drinks, delectable pies, oh my!!! So many parties, so little time and so few notches in my belt….

For many of us, Thanksgiving means not just one but several parties including friends and family and more. Why not turn one of your festive fetes into an adorable mini-version of the real deal by actually making everything mini! Just imagine the giggles of delight when you unveil mini stuffed birds, bite sized brussel sprouts and shot glasses of chocolatey goodness. No one’s saying you can’t indulge… But the little bites make it so much more fun nibble.

Top Row: Brussel Sprouts & Prosciutto Skewers, Mini Zuchini & Goat Cheese TartsCaviar & Gold Yukon Potato Pancakes

Middle Row: Adobo Glazed Mini Turkey Loaves, Mini Provolone Popovers

Bottom Row: Cornbread Stuffed Rosemary Roasted Cornish Game Hens, Mini Corn on the Cob

Top Row: Orange Honey Roasted Baby Carrots, Mini Turkey Pot Pies

Middle Row: Pumpkin & Pecan Pie Pops, Pumpkin Pie Bites

Bottom Row: Mexican Hot Chocolate Shots with Spicy Foam, Mini Smores

What other mini versions of the Thanksgiving classics could you add to your cocktail soiree menu?

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Invitation to Celebration: Dapper Dandy Dinner Party Details

The ‘dapper’ was definitely in the details for this masculine dinner party. Recently featured on Utterly Engaged, our Dapper Dandy Dinner Party was chock full of darling printed details that always make such a difference.

Starting with a rich white and black foiled invitation featuring haberdashery style pinstripes all the way down to the custom illustrated menus and cookies to go labels, not a single detail was left unturned.

We even created a Tie Rack Seating chart to invite their guests to take their seats. Read more about the Tie Rack Seating Chart here!

Custom signs were hung in each cabana reminding the guests of gentleman they were there to celebrate. We took the ‘Hat’s Off’ theme to a whole new level by assigning each table a hat name and even rented authentic vintage hats from movie studio prop houses. For the menus we hand illustrated ‘Hat’s Off To Arlen’ in the shape of a top had and created the menu inside of a gentlemans face.

We of course had to make sure the ‘king of the castle’ was well known by his royal throne.

You MUST check out these cookies!!! 410 Degrees was able to concoct the most delicious and interesting cookie flavors and even deliver them fresh to the party. Sending the guests on their way with a warm batch of cookies and a fresh cup of coffee was a huge hit and definitely a must do for more of our events.

Photography by Jen Lauren Grant

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