Invitation to Celebration: Contemporary Classic Wedding Stationery featured in Exquisite Weddings Magazine!

Recently we were asked by Catherine Bachelier Smith, wedding planner extraordinaire and someone I’m proud to call a friend, to create an invitation and complete wedding suite for two of her special clients. When I met with the couple and started asking for inspiration about what they love, who they are as a couple and how I can translate ‘them’ into my designs,  I received quite a whirlwind of thoughts. Contemporary, modern, vintage florals, classic, incorporate the grooms Moorish heritage. Combining a multitude of contrasting inspirations is always a challenge, a challenge I love!!! View the invitation and a few gorgeous photos of their wedding here but also make sure to catch it in the latest issue of Exquisite Weddings Magazine.

From the inspiration of the Moorish tiles and some contemporary fabrics I illustrated two custom pattern that were incorporated throughout the invitation and wedding stationery. The die cut invitation was wrapped in a laser cut wood grained paper and adorned with a separate green and gold foiled disc designed in the same ornament as the pattern. Wendy Ware Calligraphy addresses each envelope in her chocolate brown elegant script for the final touch.

Collaborating with other planners is always such a delight and gives us a chance to meet other talented individuals in the wedding industry. Whether we contribute the invitations, total event decor or even candy and dessert bar styling, we always love being able to work  along side others we inspire or that we’re inspired by.

Invitation: Invitation & Wedding Stationery by Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations, Calligraphy by Wendy Ware

Coordination & Collaboration: Catherine Bachelier Smith, CBS Weddings

Photographic Interpretation: Wedding photos by Paul Barnett, Invitation photos by Christine Chang

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Celebration Inspiration: Jean Paul Gaultier for Roche Bobois

When I heard that one of my favorite fashion designers, Jean Paul Gaultier, was combining his creative genius with one of my favorite furniture designers, Roche Bobois, I was giddy with delight. Gaultier proved his talents again in the interior design world with his new collection featuring modular sectionals with gorgeously illustrated and graphic textiles. Combining various style inspirations and genres to create surprising juxtapositions is what drives me in each and every event and invitation design. Seeing this mixture of modern, Parisian, Eastern,  Moroccan, and nautical is making me giddy with new design ideas! View the gorgeousness below.

For a modern, posh event,  create the perfect lounge by combining low seated lounges filled with plush throw pillows and various textiles and patterns. Mix patterns, shapes and sizes and then keep enjoying them after your special celebration in your own living room or bedroom.

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Inspiration to Invitation: Rachel Leigh Showroom Invite

We were recently asked by the amazingly talented jewelry designer Rachel Leigh to create an invitation that they could send out to their buyers to show off their brand new showroom and jewelery lines. Rachel gave me such great inspiration such as her love of ikat style patterns, Moorish inspired shapes, pinks and oranges and of course, her gorgeous jewelry! She came up with the adorable idea of gifting her guests with a single Rachel Leigh earring in the invitation and offer for them to collect its other half when they arrived at the event. With this inspiration and direction I designed a piece with the ultimate goal in mind of showing off her jewelry as the centerpiece. So, from the inspiration to the creation of the invitation, here you go!

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Inspiration to Celebration: Ingredients for Chic Events

Welcome to the brand new blog of Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations!!

Through this blog we will show you the process of design, artistic collaborations, and how to combine the correct event ingredients to turn your inspirations into celebrations. To learn more about the special ingredients that work together to create event alchemy, please see the ingredient definitions below.

Ingredient Definitions:

Occasion - The special reason for your celebration
Inspiration - The unique ideas and dreams that drive the creations
Destination - The locale
Location - The venues
Invitation - The unique and beautiful way to invite your guest to your special event
Registration - The selection of pieces that will represent you and your new life
Flowers & Decoration - The visual ways in which you communicate the feelings of your celebration
Fashion & Accessorization – The chic and gorgeous designs that you adorn yourself with.
Illumination - The way to bring your events to life through warm and inviting
Drink & Libation – The refreshing and exciting concoctions that you will serve
Culinary Creation - The delicious delicacies you will tempt your guests with
Cake & Confection - The sweet bites of goodness
Photographic Interpretation – The artistic ways in which you capture the moments
Coordination & Collaboration – The artists and talented others that contributed to your special day
Musical Compilation – The music that expresses your story through song
Celebration – The special moment when it all comes together
Adoration – The warm feeling of respect and awe of others talents
Publication – The amazing times when you receive notice of your creations

Please look forward to many more amazing designs and inspirations we have to share with you! We are still under construction for our deliciously designed site and gallery so please be patient, but we promise, much more coming soon!

Thank you so much for your love!

Inspirationally Yours,


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