Fashion and Accessorization to Celebration: Costume Couture

I always loved Halloween because it was my one chance during the year to be somebody (or something) else. When else during the year could you quadruple-layer your mascara, wrap your body in feathers, and adorn yourself in thick costume jewelry? As a kid, Halloween was about looking like characters I admired, but as I grow older I realize that it’s more of the action of transforming myself into a completely different creature that really excites me. Dressing up as a lion is not about the fuzzy costume, it’s about who you become when you’re under the layers of fur and hairspray. Fierce, unfettered, and fearless.

These behind-the-scenes runway photos for a Dior fashion show remind me that Halloween is completely about transforming yourself. The chartreuse yellow clown costume is so outrageous and vibrant that I forget there’s an actual person under there. I am so mesmerized by her eye makeup. The Dior makeup artists somehow expanded her eyes to three times their normal size just with thin lines and soft colors. It’s magic, what these people can do, I swear.

Backstage at Dior

Alexander McQueen, RIP

In 2010, Alexander McQueen designed this Marie-Antoinette-inspired costume. The way the gold plating is collared around her neck is so gorgeous and regal-feeling. I look at this photo and think to myself, ‘That woman is powerful.’

Ironic, considering she’s just a model in costume. It’s funny how a costume can fool you like that.

Festivale Mask

This Venetian Carnival-inspired mask reminds me of an old fashioned masquerade ball. From certain angles it looks like a delicate bird, made with lace and geometric lines. I absolutely love how feminine and light this is — not to mention the over sized bird nest hairdo. I love how the simple lace outline and bushy hairdo can completely transform this model into a magical, mythical creature. The whole ensemble feels very 18th-century horror.


En Vogue Halloween

These photos are so haunting, but Vogue has this way of making their gaunt models look so glamorous. This Vogue feature spread showcases some of the darkest and most artistic Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen. The model with the deer mask on looks so chic and refined (check out the scalloped edges on her darling dress!), but her crazy hair and blank expression create such a spooky ensemble.

The feature page with the crow mask across the model’s face makes me want to watch the movie The Birds. All of these foul-inspired masks are incredible.

Vogue Halloween

Have a Happy Haute Halloween!!!

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Celebration Inspiration: Jean Paul Gaultier for Roche Bobois

When I heard that one of my favorite fashion designers, Jean Paul Gaultier, was combining his creative genius with one of my favorite furniture designers, Roche Bobois, I was giddy with delight. Gaultier proved his talents again in the interior design world with his new collection featuring modular sectionals with gorgeously illustrated and graphic textiles. Combining various style inspirations and genres to create surprising juxtapositions is what drives me in each and every event and invitation design. Seeing this mixture of modern, Parisian, Eastern,  Moroccan, and nautical is making me giddy with new design ideas! View the gorgeousness below.

For a modern, posh event,  create the perfect lounge by combining low seated lounges filled with plush throw pillows and various textiles and patterns. Mix patterns, shapes and sizes and then keep enjoying them after your special celebration in your own living room or bedroom.

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Inspiration to Invitation: Rachel Leigh Showroom Invite

We were recently asked by the amazingly talented jewelry designer Rachel Leigh to create an invitation that they could send out to their buyers to show off their brand new showroom and jewelery lines. Rachel gave me such great inspiration such as her love of ikat style patterns, Moorish inspired shapes, pinks and oranges and of course, her gorgeous jewelry! She came up with the adorable idea of gifting her guests with a single Rachel Leigh earring in the invitation and offer for them to collect its other half when they arrived at the event. With this inspiration and direction I designed a piece with the ultimate goal in mind of showing off her jewelry as the centerpiece. So, from the inspiration to the creation of the invitation, here you go!

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