Inspiration to Fashion & Accessorization: Gothic Wedding Dress

A Soft & Glamorous Interpretation of a Gothic Wedding Dress

When most people think of Gothic wedding dresses and accessories, Dita Von Teese, in her famous indigo gown, pale skin and stunning jewels probably pops into mind. Not a bad image, but why not draw inspiration from this epic era without the overly dark colors and connotations. By mixing in some elegant elements such as quatrefoils, dusty pastels and even geometric patterns (such as the ones on the Eugenie pump) with a few bold choices of your own, you can achieve a beautiful and soft version of this iconic classic.

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Art History for Brides: A Gothic Wedding

We’re already onto our 3rd installment of our Art History for Brides series and with each passing time period I grow more and more in love with the next. This installment was definitely a challenge in the way that I really wanted it to look romantic and elegant and not harsh and cold like so many attribute to this beautiful art movement. From the colors of the stained glass, berry toned flowers and a stunning model, I cannot express how happy I was with the end result. I hope you feel the same!

Art History for Brides: Gothic Wedding Inspiration

The Gothic art movement was during the 12th century and was very much inspired and driven by the inspirations of the church and had touches of Romanesque architecture, Byzantine textiles, and French fashion. Often confused with Goth (think vampires, Marilyn Manson, black lipstick and chokers), Gothic was daring yet refined and richly ornate with details.

Gothic Graphics

Bold Gothic style fonts are some of the most widely spread example of this genre and were even used for the very first example of printing, the Gutenberg Bible. For this Gothic style Wedding Invitation I created a custom quatrefoil pattern, incorporated vaulted arches and a diecut stained glass inspired invitation sleeve.

Gothic Wedding

Gothic wedding invitation Gothic wedding invitation

Gothic Wedding

Gothic Architecture

Gothic architecture featured magnificent buildings that were built with signature pointed aches, vaulted ceilings, and flying buttresses. Some of the most notable examples of gothic architecture are Notre Dame. Reims Cathedral and Chatres Cathedral to name a few.

Gothic Wedding Berry Burgandy Wedding Purple Gothic Wedding

Gothic Symbols

Quatrefoils were a popular symbolic shape that was seen in the stained glass, ornate windows and other architectural elements that was widely repeated and gave a royal and majestic feeling. For our Gothic inspired table we used a rich gold velvet quatrefoil patterned as a runner layered on top of a rich berry stained wool. For an opulent and unique place setting we featured ornate marble tiles that featured golden scrollwork that could be seen through our cut crystal plates.

Berry Pink Gothic Wedding


For a bold yet romantic take on Gothic inspired flowers, Isari Flower Studio created a stunning yet delicate berry toned bridal bouquet composed of purples transitioning to merlot kissed Sweetpeas, dark burgundy Anemone with touches of wine hued Heleborus. The richly textured centerpiece offered a melange of  deep red and cream ranunculas, schwartz mini calla lilies, succulents, black center anemones amidst astrantias, Hydrangeas and black berries. In addition to the large arrangement, the companion pieces boasted clusters of ranunculas, with grey dusty miller foliages and then topped each place setting a single cream ranunculas, and dusty miler leaves.
Gothic Wedding Glamorous Wedding Table

Stained Glass

Cathedrals boasted giant windows adorned with ornate stain glass that let light shine through in rich reds, blues, and yellows. Shapes including quatrefoils, floral inspired and geometric elements were combined to create these stunning light-filled windows from which the cathedrals patrons would gaze into from the pews. We brought the colorful glass from the windows onto the table with our bold and colorful goblets.

This vintage church chair by OC Prop Girl is a perfect example of Gothic style furniture with Gothic arches and detailing.

Gothic Wedding Chair

Gothic Fashion

The wealthy brought in expensive silks from Byzantium and wore them as long draping tunics with flared sleeves, a French fashion known as a bliaut. Blue and ruby red were popular colors accented with gold pieces such as a loosely worn belt with gold tassels. Women wore veils draped over their long braided hair to signify marriage. This was wonderful fashion during the 12th century but we opted for a stunning sand colored gown by Monique Lhullier and from M Bride for our bride to be.

Gothic Wedding Dress Monique Lhullier Grand Del Mar Wedding Capella

Gothic Wedding Dessert Bar Stained Glass

Gothic Art

Triptychs are wonderful examples of Gothic art that featured three panels of settings framed by ornate vaulted arches. I was inspired by these classical pieces of art when I created a trifold wedding invitation in the same style showcasing the notable vaulted arch, quatrefoil and a stained glass inspired belly band.

Mercury Glass Red Roses Dessert Bar

The Grand Del Mar Wedding Capella

The Grand Del Mar Monique Lhullier Wedding Dress

With so many beautiful and meaningful artful elements to be inspired by this powerful artistic movement in history, Gothic is a wonderful genre to get inspiration for your wedding day. Whether it be Gothic inspired wedding invitations, stained glass inspired décor or even jewelry, Gothic design would be a great way to add drama and intrigue to your wedding.

Design & Styling by Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations

Photography by Jill Thomas

Invitation & Stationery Design by Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations

Flowers by Isari Flower Studio

Props by OC Prop Girl

Hair and Make Up by Katwalk Styling

Dress & Jewelry by M Bride

Venue The Capella at The Grand Del Mar

Pastries by Opera Patisserie

Gothic Wedding

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Art History for Brides: Gothic Wedding Inspiration

Art History for Brides: Glamorous Gothic Wedding Inspiration

I can clearly remember shuffling into an early morning art history class my first year of college at Otis. I had always loved history so I knew that I would be in for a treat if I could only keep my eyes open for the two hour class conducted in the dark that early in the morning. The moment the slides began to flash up on to the screen I was hooked. My favorite of course, Gothic. The power, the detail, the drama, I loved every bit of it.  From the breathtaking flying buttresses of Notre Dame to the kaleidoscope of colors in the various Rose Windows, every element was so impactful to me because of the time and detail put into each element.

For our Gothic installment of our Art History for Brides series featured on Style Unveiled I wanted to incorporate the elements that I adored so much and bring them into a softer and more romantic feeling that would translate beautifully as Gothic wedding inspiration. Let me start by showing you some of my favorite examples of Gothic art and architecture. From flying buttresses, vaulted arches, quatrefoils, stained glass and even fonts, I have been inspired by these historical and beautiful examples of art. I hope you will be too!

These beautiful ornate scroll designs in the windows would be gorgeous elements to incorporate onto a Gothic wedding invitation design!


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Inspiration to Celebration: "Snow Sprinkle" Glamorous Blue and White Modern Baby Shower

A Winter Themed Glamorous Blue and White Modern Baby Shower

Spring is in the air, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping… It’s so wonderful to break out of the shell of winter and blossom under the warmth of the springtime sun! After my trip to New York last week for an amazing wedding (that I can’t wait to share!) I wasn’t so sure spring had actually sprung, with rain, sleet and snow flurries! But after returning back home to sunny San Diego, I feel it in my bones and on my face… And boy does it feel great!

With one last look back at our winter past, I wanted to share with you this ‘Snow Sprinkle’ baby shower that I designed for some wonderful friends of mine a few months back. We were also fortunate enough to have it featured on the magnificent Hostess Blog seen here!

For this wintertime welcome of two little angels we created a flurry of glittering snowflakes and raindrops for this ‘Snow Sprinkle’. This glamorous blue and white modern baby shower was a great way to combine the clean and stark feeling of winter white snow with the glitter and glam of shiny starflakes and snowballs.

Guest were welcomed to a “winter white” outdoor lounge area sprinkled with white lights and filled with modern lounge chairs draped with soft white netting & plush fur pillows.

Soft white baby’s breath and snowflake-like spider mums danced throughout the lounge in a mixture of modern and vintage glassware, while a framed sign reminded guests that “Snowflakes & Raindrops aren’t the only things falling from heaven…!

As guests entered the outdoor lounge, they were greeted by a vintage English pram offering them cozy pashminas and scarves with a sign that read “Borrow a Scarf to stay as cozy as a Baby in a Carriage”.

To keep guests cozy on the inside, we featured a Cocoa Bar complete with gourmet hot cocoa, homemade marshmallows and crystal decanters full of various liquors to spice up their drink. A sign reading ‘Sips & Nips to Keep You Warm’ was displayed on the cocoa bar next to the elegant silver urn.

Snowflake-topped stir sticks were featured in crackled glasses displayed on top of raised green glass risers for an icy looking presentation.

Modern Baby Shower Cocoa Bar Snowflake Stir Stick

Chocolate moon pies, pumpkin pie pops (recipe here), sugared donuts and delicate snowflake sugar cookies were just some of delectable treats offered as dipping-worthy sidekicks for the cocoa.

We also made two different types of homemade marshmallows – pumpkin spice and one dipped in mint milk chocolate.

Chilled homemade Coquito (coconut eggnog) served in beautiful aqua glass decanters was the perfect “cool” complement for guest to enjoy with their hot and toasty s’mores

Our ‘S’mores Station’ featured an outdoor firepit, roasting sticks sticks, homemade marshmallows, and the classic accouterments.

For a shower-worthy backdrop to the Cocoa Bar, we created a wall of cascading strips of hand dyed fabric in aquas and blues and hung strands of crystals to dance between the colors. For a light and fluffy snowball effect we created large flowerballs of baby’s breath and displayed them on tall elegant glass vases.”

Design, Coordination & Styling: Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations
Invitation, Dessert Bar Tags and Signage: Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations
Baked Goods & Desserts: Alchemy Fine Events & Invitations
Lounge Furniture: Lounge Appeal
Photography: Katie Neal

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